The Lighthouse Bali

Bali, Indonesia

The Lighthouse Bali offers private, one-on-one, alcohol and drug addiction treatment for those seeking a custom recovery program.


Beach, Coastal


$19,500 (per month)


14 to 90 days

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About The Lighthouse Bali

At The Lighthouse Bali we offer a bespoke, private, and individual one-on-one treatment recovery program for you. You will be under 24/7 care in a private villa near the beach with a dedicated team of professionals just for you. In the recovery program we incorporate traditional methods such as therapy and 12 step philosophies with holistic methods including yoga, meditation, and experiential therapy.

Since we customize the recovery program for you, we can determine which cornerstone principles will work best long term, for some individuals this might be a traditional AA 12 step program with CBT therapy, while another client might need a non 12 step program that incorporates yoga, surfing, meditation, and a different therapeutic program.

We believe that as humans we have a complex and individualized relationship with substances we abuse. By creating a customized recovery program, specifically suited for each individual needs, we are confident that our program will form a strong foundation for those seeking a new design for living. We don’t believe in a one size fits all program because we have found that each individual has a unique set of needs and wants.

Individual, Private Accommodations

Each guest has their own private villa, within walking distance of the beach. Guests receive the highest level of care possible in a serene and comfortable setting.

Tailor Made Recovery Program

The Lighthouse Bali customizes the recovery program for the guest's needs and wants, the counselors, therapists, and types of therapy are chosen by the clinical team after an assessment of your or your loved one's situation.

Center Overview

  • Founded


  • Occupancy


  • Languages



  • Price & Length

    $19,500 | 30 days

    Extended options available

  • Who We Treat

    Men and Women

    Executive Treatment



  • Professionals Treatment (e.g. doctors, lawyers, pilots)

  • One Client at a Time

  • Alcohol

  • Substance Abuse

  • Methamphetamine

  • Prescription Drugs


  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Evidence-Based

  • Experiential

  • Holistic


  • Eye Movement Therapy (EMDR)

  • Family Counseling

  • Yoga

  • 1-on-1 Counseling

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What We Treat

  • Professionals Treatment (e.g. doctors, lawyers, pilots)

  • One Client at a Time

  • Alcohol

  • Substance Abuse

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  • Ability to Call a Counselor

  • Recovery Retreats

  • Return Visits

  • Sober Companion

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Special Considerations

  • Gender-specific groups

  • Young adults program

  • Flexible technology policies

  • Other dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)

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Personal & In-Room Amenities

  • Gourmet Chef

  • Internet Access

  • Life Coach

  • Nutrition Emphasis

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  • Yoga

  • Swimming

  • Beach Fitness

  • Beach Walks

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Professional Staff

Alice Dill Prasetyoko


Julie Ahlrich,

Clinical Director


David Wiles

Lead Counsellor

MA Clinical Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor

Beth Howsley

Clinical Psychologist

MA Clinical Psychology


I came to The Lighthouse Bali in a lot of pain and beaten down by addiction. I had a period of abstinence in my life from using drugs, but I couldn’t stop the inevitable relapses. The period I spent at The Lighthouse was honestly nothing short of life changing. I had completed several other rehabs in Australia and Asia, but the love, compassion and understanding that I received from The Lighthouse staff and counsellors was something I’ve never experienced from any other treatment facility.

J.P., Melbourne

Review Summary


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Food & Nutrition




  • Excellent & Effective Treatment Programming
  • Fun Activities
  • Beautiful Location
  • Confidential
  • Treated With Respect
  • Addressed Trauma
  • Access to Nature
  • Luxurious Accommodations
  • Smooth Transition Post-Treatment
  • Straightforward Costs & Expectations
  • Gourmet & Nutritious Food
  • Friendly & Competent Staff
  • Flexibility to Work
  • Personalized
  • Supportive Aftercare


Nathan B.

Former Client

Profile: Male

Length of Stay: 90 days

Conditions Treated: Marijuana (Cannabis), Trauma, Cocaine, Ecstasy (MDMA), Alcohol, Methamphetamine, Anxiety, Depression


The lighthouse bali was a fantastic experience for myself.. they treated me with respect and understanding of the situation i was in.. the program allows you to pick activities that suit your needs with the incorporation of counciling, outreach programs, gym sessions, step work and many other options.. all meals during the week are catered for by a professional chef who comes to your private villa.. on weekends they let you pick restaurants of your chioce.. staff are on hand 24hrs a day with you for support which was a fantastic thing for me to just talk about my feelings when needed.. as its a one on one program the benefits i recived where fantastic all the support staff had experienced the same feelings and problems i was having.. ive been sober now for 13months and i cant thank everyone at the lighthouse enough for giving me the tools to live a sober happy life.. after i checked out the support was on going to this very day i can pick up the phone and they are there.. all in all my experience was an absolute pleasure the program is one of a kind suited to my/your needs and it has changed my life..


Food & Nutrition



Would recommend

Damien B

Former Client

Profile: Male

Length of Stay: 180+ days

Conditions Treated: Benzodiazepines, Depression, Methamphetamine, Anxiety, Trauma


The Lighthouse Bali saved my life! I had previously been 7 rehabs with very little results gaining sobriety but the 1:1 program suited me to the point where I am still in recovery today. 2.5 years!

I was able to negotiate my own program & this made the difference I think... all 1:1 with experienced & qualified professionals. No group therapy! No shared rooms ... my own villa!

One other positive aspect of the Lighthouse is that the program teaches you how to live a sober life. With other rehabs this has been a major problem for me coming home from rehab & not knowing how to live without my addiction.

Alice & the Team we’re amazing always checking that every part of the program was meeting my needs.

Can’t be grateful enough


Food & Nutrition



Would recommend

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The Lighthouse Bali

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