The Kusnacht Practice

Zurich, Switzerland

Established by a magnificent lake and the awe-inspiring Alps, The Kusnacht Practice provides clients with astonishing views and personalized treatment.


City, Lakeside, Mountain


$72,000-$106,500 (per week)


1 to 3 months

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About The Kusnacht Practice

Professional and bespoke 1-on-1 care in the most luxurious of environments. We care about you and your family. Discreetly and with the highest standards of privacy.

We step outside the boundaries of simple mental health services in order to provide the most comprehensive, exquisite and empathetic care in the world. Our state of the art facilities and luxurious residences on the shores of picturesque Lake Zurich will allow you to regain your inner peace and harmony in complete privacy, safe from the hardships of daily life.

Why The Kusnacht Practice?

The Kusnacht Practice is a place where excellence, professionalism and privacy all come together to guarantee the top standards of care and comfort. You can rest assured that you will never be left alone with your problems, both on- and off-site, as provided by our broad team of esteemed specialists, and our unique continuing care programme for the time when your stay at the centre itself is finished.

We make use of a wide variety of different therapy methods to help our clients overcome their conditions. Whether it’s a high-tech approach like transcranial magnetic stimulation, or biomolecular restoration of a client’s organism as a whole, or the practice of meditation and mindfulness, our experts will always select the most appropriate techniques, focusing primarily on yourself, your troubles and their underlying causes.

Treatment at The Kusnacht Practice encompasses many elements that guarantee a coherent and effective therapy. Our luxury rehab is fit for all mental health problems, from alcohol and drug addiction, through codependency, to eating disorders. From the very beginning, our expert practitioners will determine the best programme for your stay at our centre, and then proceed to apply their greatest efforts to provide you with comprehensive and bespoke care. As you enjoy the privacy of our luxurious residences, the mental health treatment programme will address your condition and its underlying causes, it will help you regain balance, and finally it will be converted into a continuing care programme, ensuring lasting help once your treatment at The Kusnacht Practice is concluded.

The world's finest rehab and treatment center

We are the world’s leading provider of high quality clinical care for international clients who require the very best psychological and dependency treatment services. We provide every client with Swiss 5-star standards of luxury, always in strictest confidence.

Unique and intensive approach

Each client has his or her own personal care team, which treats the client individually, in order to deliver a highly tailored clinical plan for recovery. This enables clients to take advantage of a holistic and intensive programme of up to 8 hours per day of highly efficient one-to-one sessions.

Looking beyond the symptoms

We believe the best way to treat the majority of psychological and dependency disorders is to look beyond mere symptoms and identify the root causes of a problem. Thus, a well-founded diagnosis is the cornerstone of our programme— to successfully achieve the ultimate goal of a lasting recovery.

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  • Executive Treatment

  • UHNW Clients & Families

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  • Executive Treatment

  • UHNW Clients & Families

  • Co-Occurring Disorders

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    Professional Staff

    Dr. med. Konrad Hitz

    Medical Director

    Dr. phil. David Eldred


    Dr. med. Antoinette Sarasin Gianduzzo

    Director of Biomolecular Restoration, Nutrition and Lifestyle

    Dr. med. Douglas Liddell

    Deputy Medical Director

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    I was suffering badly from my bipolar and personality disorder and it was the cause of my marriage break up; but I was offered unconditional love and support at The Kusnacht Practice. I had tried other centers, but it was the therapy and aftercare from The Kusnacht Practice that enabled me to recover from my bipolar disorder.

    Haya, age 42

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