Siam Rehab

Chiang Rai, Thailand

An affordable luxury rehab, Siam Rehab offers an effective, quality program with a mix of group and one-on-one therapy, and an East meets West philosophy.


Countryside, Tropical


$8,950 for 28 days


4–16 weeks

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About Siam Rehab

Siam Rehab (formerly Serenity Rehab) is an affordable and luxurious treatment centre in the unspoiled North of Thailand for English speaking clients form around the world. Offering unparalleled facilities and service the centre is located on 30 acres of tropical jungle paradise.

The Progamme

The programme at Siam rehab is an effective and holistic treatment programme that not only addresses the addiction but the whole body. With a professional team consisting of an addiction psychiatrist, psychologists, addiction counselors, nurses, equine therapist, support staff, meditation instructor, yoga instructor, personal trainers, massage therapists, Muay Thai trainer, two chefs one specialized in Western food and one specialized in Thai and Asian fusion food.

The Facilities include:

All private en-suite rooms, swimming pool, Muay Thai boxing ring, 1km jungle running track, basketball court, massage spa, salon, full gym, fishing pond, boot camp area, dedicated meditation room, multiple group and one to one rooms, dedicated smoking areas, volleyball and badminton area and a football field. All set amongst our beautiful 30-acre tropical jungle gardens.

Siam Rehab is a recovery community unlike anything available in the world. All of our counselling team are in recovery themselves and understand the trials and hardship you have faced and what it will take to move on to a joyful happy life without the need for mood altering substances.

Center Overview

  • Founded

  • Occupancy

  • Languages


  • Who We Treat

    Men and Women



  • Substance Abuse


  • Evidence-Based

  • Group Therapy

  • Twelve Step


  • 1-on-1 Counseling

  • Art Therapy

  • Equine Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

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What We Treat

  • Substance Abuse

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  • Support Meetings

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Personal & In-Room Amenities

  • Internet Access

  • Pool

  • Private Rooms

  • Walking Trails

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  • AA/NA Meetings

  • Physical Fitness

  • Swimming

  • Reading

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From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the wonderful staff and fellow clients at Siam Rehab for bringing back my positive assets and eliminating my negative ones, those which have been causing so much pain and chaos in my life. Not only have you restored me to sanity, but equipped me with a range of tools to get my life manageable again, and I am grateful.

Marko, Australia

Review Summary


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Food & Nutrition




  • Supportive Aftercare
  • Friendly & Competent Staff
  • Excellent & Effective Treatment Programming
  • Luxurious Accommodations
  • Gourmet & Nutritious Food
  • Flexibility to Work
  • Treated With Respect
  • Straightforward Costs & Expectations
  • Confidential
  • Beautiful Location
  • Personalized
  • Access to Nature
  • Smooth Transition Post-Treatment
  • Addressed Trauma
  • Fun Activities



Former Client

Length of Stay: 60 days


I can’t express enough gratitude to the team at Serenity. I’m still in early days but they taught me so much that I’ve taken out into the real world.

I chose this rehab as my friend went here and is almost three years’ clean and sober and that’s what I wanted for myself. There were many options - many which looked like luxury resorts - but the one thing I needed was to get better!!

The setting is picturesque and it’s very peaceful and calm in that part of Thailand - and very spiritual. Perfect given that you’re focussing on getting better which doesn’t happen without action.

The team know there stuff and the fact that they’re all in recovery means that they can identify with what clients are good through. I loved that it was never sugar-coated and I was always told exactly what I needed to do/change to help myself get better.

The grounds are peaceful and rooms cleaned daily with laundry services, weekly massages, excursions etc. These all help clients focus on the most important thing - recovery.

If you’re serious about changing your life and want to do this in a supportive, fair, knowledgeable and picturesque rehab then I fully recommend Serenity.


Food & Nutrition



Would not recommend


Former Client

Profile: Female

Length of Stay: 180+ days

Conditions Treated: Opioids, Heroin, Benzodiazepines, Bipolar


Siam saved my life. It was supportive and confrontational. A fabulous team of dedicated professionals, passionate and understanding. An amazing experience that I could never put a price on. The owner's passion and generosity was priceless.


Food & Nutrition



Would recommend

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Siam Rehab

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