The Cabin

A secluded facility set among the rolling mountains of Northern Thailand, The Cabin provides modern and holistic treatment to bring lasting recovery.

The Cabin treats all forms of addiction, including drug and alcohol addictions and process addictions such as internet, sex, food and gambling. Via our own Recovery Zones treatment method, which boasts a 96% programme completion rate, our qualified counsellors help you get to the root cause of your addiction through an integrative approach that draws on the best aspects of CBT, mindfulness and the 12 Steps. Clients will enjoy a holistic experience in a serene location in the forested foothills of Northern Thailand, as well as access to five-star amenities like private villa accommodation, swimming pools, lush gardens, meditation salas, a mountain-view fitness centre and an open-air restaurant with healthy menus curated by top chefs. Come learn why The Cabin Chiang Mai is globally recognised as a leader in modern addiction treatment, and let us guide you along your recovery journey. Our specialty programmes include:

Resort 12 (LGBTQ)

Resort 12 is a fully comprehensive LGBTQ rehab facility that sets a new standard in inclusive addiction treatment. Our unique programme empowers LGBTQ clients to break free from addiction via its integrated medical and mental wellness services, within a culture of acceptance, care and understanding.

The Cabin Arabic

The Cabin Arabic is a premium Arabic language inpatient addiction treatment programme designed with special considerations for Muslim clients. Culturally sensitive and offering private luxury accommodation and halal food, The Cabin Arabic operates with the highest standards of confidentiality.

Trauma and Addiction

Over half of those who seek treatment for addiction find that they also suffer from underlying trauma or PTSD. Modern addiction treatment research tells us that this is best treated by addressing both co-occurring disorders simultaneously. The highly experienced team at The Cabin Chiang Mai is equipped to do just that, with specialised trauma therapies including EMDR, trauma-informed CBT and trauma release yoga.

Family Programme

Online Video Aftercare Programme The Cabin offers a uniquely accessible aftercare programme hosted on our very own video platform, which allows you to conference into group sessions as well as continue one-on-one therapy sessions after you leave inpatient treatment. You can also attend in-person follow-up treatment at a Cabin outpatient treatment centre near you.

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